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Service Guidelines

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  • Inform your students about the RVC recording before the start of the course;
  • Turn on the computer at the beginning of class even if it is not used;
  • Avoid switching off the computer during the lecture;
  • Avoid frequent movement or walking behind the video camera;
  • Avoid displaying substantial part of a copyrighted material such as a movie;
  • Keep handwritings on white board reasonably large and with proper color contrast;
  • Keep consistent voice level during the lecture;
  • Notify MTPC before the lecture if visualizer or other video output device will used in the lecture;
  • Advise students to sit at the same direction of the camera, so that you face the camera while talking to them;
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  • In case technical error is identified during RVC recording, MTPC will not disrupt the class by trying to fix it. Re-shooting will be offered without students if necessary;
  • The copyright of the RVC-Videos will be based on the relevant HKUST copyright policies. Details can be found in the online Faculty Handbook;
  • All RVC-Videos produced for a specific course will be downloadable by the faculty/instructor after the semester, and then removed from the streaming server before the next semester starts to allow space for new RVC-Videos.
  • RVC-Videos will be archived off-line for a certain period for backup purpose. Faculty who want to have their RVC-videos deleted should inform MTPC to do so.
  • RVC-Videos for courses should NOT be posted on platforms like Youtube for public access, either by the instructor or student, as this will violate the copyright of the videos. MTPC will request platform owner/s to disable unauthorized sharing or access of RVC-Videos without prior notification.  
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